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Bob Hoskins stars in 'Outside Bet'

A Talent Films/Gateway Films production

It is 1985. Thatcher is in power, Sade is on the radio and the print workers have gone on strike. But, even redundancy doesn't stop a group of life-long friends from meeting every Sunday in their regular South London pub for alcohol and banter.

But on one such Sunday a man approaches them and asks an intriguing question - does anyone want to buy a racehorse? And so the story of the “Mumper” unfolds, as they invest their redundancy money, hoping one final race can turn their fortunes around ...

This is Talent's first venture into feature films and it has a genuinely star-studded cast led by Bob Hoskins, with Jenny Agutter, Rita Tushingham and a host of other well known names.




A new
series of

My Phone Genie

9am Saturdays

Best Of Friends       

'Best Of Friends' is our hit children's entertainment reality format - having completed five series in the UK, together with five specials filmed in South Africa - a total of 56 editions of the programme.

The theme of the shows is that 'friendship matters' and it features groups of ten year olds taken to task to prove just how much their mates really mean to them. Of course, there are also plenty of opportunities for the kids to get their own back on the two regular presenters, Abs (Michael Absalom) and Rani (Rani Khanijau) who join them on a wide range of Tasks and Treats such as Karaoke singing on a Rollercoaster and pressing the explosive plunger at a quarry.

'Best of Friends' has become a firm favourite with British kids, regularly making the Top Ten programming list. The shows are frequently re-broadcast on CBBC, BBC1, and BBC2.  more ... 



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