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 Talent Television brings 40 more 'Best of Friends' to CBBC  
June 2007

Talent Television, a wholly owned subsidiary of Talent Group plc, has been commissioned by CBBC to produce a further 40 episodes of its hit children's reality series for 6-12 year olds Best of Friends.

Executive produced by Head of Talent Kids Annie Miles, and commissioned by Anne Gilchrist Creative Director for CBBC, Best of Friends has become one of CBBC's most successful kids' entertainment shows. The format was developed in-house at Talent by Jonathan Wolfman from an original idea by Mark Robson.

To date, Talent has made 56 half hour episodes which comprise three UK series, plus five African specials of the format which tests the real friendships of boys and girls. Currently airing on the CBBC channel and BBC One, the half hour format features ten year old boys and girls who are taken to task to prove just how much their mates really mean to them. The main theme of the programme is that 'friendship matters', and of course there are plenty of opportunities for the kids to get their own back on the presenters when they are dared to take on the tasks.

Best of Friends made its international debut at MIP-TV early in 2007 following an agreement signed between Talent and UK independent distributor Bullseye Television. A number of broadcast and format deals are currently being negotiated with announcements imminent.

Annie Miles, Head of Talent Kids said: “Best of Friends has become a must-watch programme for children in the UK and is an established part of the CBBC schedule, We are delighted that the broadcaster has made a further commitment to this growing brand”.

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