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Cartoon Network - 3 series - 6 October 2006 to November 2008

The ground breaking animated and live action quiz show was a joint production with The Cartoon Network and ran for three series in the UK.

Pitting toon characters against real kid contestants and hosted by animated stars Chudd Chudders and The Earl, Skatoony entertains with crazy games and outrageous storylines. The series were written and created by the Cartoon Network, with Talent Television providing the live-action elements. The shows are frequently re-run on The Cartoon Network.


Skatoony  series 1

Based on an original idea by: Brian Boyle and James Fox
Written by: Richard Brookes and James Fox
Featuring the Voice Talents of: Rupert Degas ('Chudd Chudders') and Lewis McLeod ('The Earl')
Lead Animator: Matt West
Animation Team: Gareth Axford, Tom Baker, Joe Mulligan, Kate Sullivan, Franchesco Riginelli, Gideon Rigal, Richard Wake, Lee Medcalf (3D Animation), Norm Konyu (Artwork), Mal Hartley (Storyboards), Navid Bagherzadeh (Compositing and finishing), Gazwhan Hamdan (Compositing and finishing)
Production Manager and Editor: Kevin Narrainen
Sound Facilities: Wild Tracks Audio Studios
Executive Producer: Finn Arnesen
Series Creator, Producer and Director: James Fox
For TALENT TV (Live Action) ~  
Studio Facilities: MTV Studios
Runners: Gabrielle Chases and Jonathan Peck
Costume Designer: Sarah Jane Ellis
Set Designer: Ant Howells
Researcher: Lucia Coward
Script Supervisor: Elizabeth Hodges
Production Manager: Elke-Louise Crump
Head of Production: Adam Hayes
Executive Producer: Annie Miles
Director: John A Marley
Producer: Amanda Browning



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